Content Can Require An Update For A Host Of Reasons: Broken Links, Outdated Information, Stale Language, Your Copy Editor Was Distracted That Day, And So On.

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Making the Editorial Case for a Content Audit

Making the Editorial Case for a Content Audit There are two words that bring dread to any content marketer: content audit. Content audits are generally viewed through the prism of refreshing your content strategy —and there’s no shortage of reasons why. Through an audit, you can assess and edit keywords, see what type of content is gaining the most traffic, examine the effects of your social media outreach, and shape your strategy accordingly. But what about the editorial integrity of your content? Where does that fit into this kind of content analysis? It can be daunting to pore over your past content to assess its viability from an editorial standpoint, but the rewards will make it worth your time. All the content you’ve produced up to this point can fall into three categories: evergreen, needs updating, and dated. Evergreen content may still need a light touch-up, but these pieces can serve as the foundation for your editorial strategy going forward (more on this a little later). Content can require an update for a host of reasons: broken links, outdated information, stale language, your copy editor was distracted that day, and so on. Whether they know it or not, your audience is assessing the editorial quality of your content. Anything that negatively impacts that quality can lessen the chance of that person trusting you as a source and returning to your content again. And there will be cases where you’ll have to consider deleting content entirely. That Pokémon Go post you managed to tie to your brand was cute two years ago, but how has it aged? Do you look dated as a result?

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